Pause Before You Click Your Perfect ‘Monalisa’ Shot

   December9, 2016

There is no such thing as someone being photogenic or not being one. There are many people who look beautiful in photographs while some look stiff and uncomfortable. Not everyone have the opportunity to replace uncomfortable and awkward Chandler Bing with a Joey like Monica did in the English daily FRIENDS. So, what to do? It is then that a good photographer steps in to save the day.

Shooting profile photographs can be very difficult since your subjects are usually not models, but regular people. If some of them have the flair, consider yourself lucky, but expect that most of them will not have any. So you need to keep in mind some pointers before taking a profile shot.

Step In to Your Client’s Shoes

You might be a pro, but your client is not. It is better to avoid using technical terms. Instead give them an idea as to what might happen in the session. Tell them what you want or how you want them to pose. Also know from them if they have any particular thing in mind. If you are shooting a child, tell the parents to bring extra pair of clothes and shoes, toys and snacks, since a photo session may take a while and a child may not have that much of patience. You may even put down all this points in a pdf and hand them to your client so that they may have a better idea of the whole thing.

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Choose a Proper Background and Lighting

A distracting background, a shadow on the face is not something your client would want to look into a photograph. So before clicking, make sure your background is in sync with your subject and theme.

Levels Matter

Clicking a picture of a person from higher level may make him look shorter in height, while clicking from lower level puts much focus on the person and makes him look taller. A good photographer always explores various levels and angles and does everything to highlight the best feature of his/her subject and make the flaws look subtle.

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White Balance

While taking photographs, always keep in mind to check the white balance. You don’t want your subject to look ghastly because of bad lighting. Pick the right time of the day, shoot them facing the sun, use reflectors to bounce back the light to your subject if there is low light during the session. And if the light is not at all good, there is always an option to turn your photograph into a vintage and classy one, go for a black and white shot.

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Aperture & Shutter Speed

While clicking a portrait it is advisable to set your camera in a wide aperture so that the background gets beautifully blurred and the focus is all on the subject. Increase your shutter speed to avoid motion blurring.

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And lastly bond well with your subject, let them be comfortable with them, crack a joke, share anecdotes or simply be a part of their little joys and freeze all their smiles and twinkles as they get candid with you. Being a good photographer, it is your responsibility to get the best out of your subjects. Happy Clicking.


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