Capturing The Perfect Family Moment

   December1, 2016

What is the first thing that you will save if your house catches fire? No matter how many times this question has been asked and answered, one thing that has been seen and done is, in times of emergency or panic you are bound to save your family photographs over any precious jewelleries or objects. The reason is mainly because of the sentimental attachment and also to preserve the family memories.

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How many times have you planned a family photo session and how many times they have got cancelled, due to the unavailability of all the members, just like the film ‘Kapoor and Sons’? Here are some reasons for which you must have a family photograph.

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Get Clicked For Your Kids

A family photograph not only records the constant growth of your child but also ensures your child of his/her place in the family. Often psychologists use photo therapy to counsel a child. On seeing the photograph a child would know his/her place in the family and will also know where he/she fits in the family and will also value it.

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A photograph not only preserves memories but also is a part of family legacy. Many years later, perhaps in another generation someone might stumble across your framed family photographs among the piles of paper in an attic and try to find their father in the young age or their grand mom in the her younger days. Even though you may not be present at that time, your photograph in the form of legacy will outlive you.

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Whenever you will come across the photograph hanging in the hall wall, you will be reminded of the happy days when the photograph was taken. Even though your children are all grown up and lives far away from you, the photograph keeps you connected to the core.

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So simply plan a family photograph as soon as possible and treasure your moments forever. Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment unless it becomes a memory.


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