3 Things You Need To Check Before Hiring A Photographer

   January28, 2016

So you are planning for a photo shoot and looking out for a great photographer? Ofcourse, you search them on the internet, and the options you get are in thousands, if not more. How are you going to select from the lot? You just cannot pick randomly. So how do you find your ‘perfect’ photographer?


Getting references from your acquaintances can be a good option but you must also know your photographer before hiring someone blindly. Here are the three things you must know before giving thumbs up to a photographer.

What’s the occasion?

So before short-listing and choosing your photographer, know what they specialize in. If you are planning a food or product photography, you cannot surely hire a wedding photographer for it. So before hiring a photographer, do check his/her profile and do some research about the photographer. You can also ask for their portfolios to get some idea about the creativity and photographic angles. Similarly if you are thinking of having a fashion photo-shoot, opting for a product photographer will not be a good idea. So before selecting a photographer have a word with the photographer as to what you want in the photo-shoot.


Package Inclusion

Before finalizing your photographer, do check the package inclusion and ask him/her if the photography charge includes retouch and albums as well. Some fashion photographers offer make-ups and hairstyles as well. Make sure what are the services your photographer will offer and if there are any other additional charges, ask him/her clearly about it.

Some photographers charges an extra amount for the digital copy of the photographs, some offer it as complimentary. It is always better to ask your photographers the details, from beforehand.



So now that most of your requirements are answered, here is a situation for you, suppose your model is all set for the shoot and you are all ready, but your photographer doesn’t turn up because of a sudden emergency or illness. What do you do? Always make sure that the photographer you are selecting has a backup photographer just in case of emergency.

Even if he/she has got no backup, atleast he/she should be able to refer a good photographer who could take over and save the day. Many of us often forget about a backup photographer, but it should always be one of the major criteria you should look for in a photographer while hiring.


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