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   January10, 2017

Itís a busy, busy world and with hardly any time to go out to shop, online shopping is the only refuge to keep us updated with our shopping needs. In the online shopping forums, a photograph is the only help you could get. So in order to make a good sale, a good photography is very important.

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It is our general tendency to gravitate towards beautiful things and when the product photography is great, you will be attracted towards that particular site. Here are some tips which can turn your browsers into potential loyal buyers.


While using a blurred out background is the easiest way to draw focus to the product, but again it is the most common way too. How about using some fun and interesting background for your product? Coffee seeds for that coffee cup shoot can be interesting. Similarly leather or Nature in the background for jewellery or a reflective background can always add a beautiful angle to your product and attract your buyers.

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While shooting a product, try focusing on one kind of light. Natural and artificial lights on the same product can make things a little confusing. It is always advisable to use a white room with artificial lights for shooting a product perfectly.

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Angles can do wonders to your photography. A set of glass wares may look very boring if shot in a normal way, but playing with the angles can be a fun way to explore. A good product photographer always explores angles and adds an interesting twist to the product making it more viable and appealing to the viewers. Havenít you ever bought a thing, because it looked amazing in the photograph? Happens with me, all the time!

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Macro Shots

Try some macro shots when you are trying to focus on some details of a product. Suppose you are photographing a beautiful embroidered dress or saree, focusing on the embroidered details can by taking macro shots can be a beautiful way to invite all the attention to the beauty of the product, which is what you are aiming at, right?

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Slow Down

Yeah it is product photography and it is ready to pose for you in the same manner for hours, but that doesnít mean you can hurry and go on clicking randomly. You need to slow down, or rather calm down, take your time and click. Experiment with the angles or the placements, lights and background is the trait of a good photographer, but you must also pause and create an outline of what you want and then take your next shot.

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