The Top 5 Gastronomical Delights Of 2016

   February18, 2017

Every recipe tells a story and I love narrating them through my lens. Choosing the best from the lot can be difficult, but I have tried to narrow it down to these five. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I have enjoyed shooting and binging on them.

Summer coolers

Can the sultry afternoons be complete without the icy-cold drinks? The quintessential lemon cooler has made it to the top of the list. The refreshing lemonade is must to beat the humidity. Add some flavour to it. Top it up with mint leaves and some strawberries and you have a drink to relish.

In between breaks

Oh! Thank God for Chinese food, without which surviving would have been so boring. I enjoy fooling around with the chopsticks more than I love to gorge on the food. In this shot, I tried to give tribute to my favourite food accessory from China.

A small FYI- Are you aware of the fact that the way you place your chopsticks while you eat, speaks a volume? For example, when you place them at the side of your dish, it implies you are taking a break from eating. Yep, one of the perks of being a Food-o-grapher!

The Spice of Life

Ransack any Indian kitchen and you are sure to come across these staple ingredients like turmeric, red chillies, cumin seeds among others. I call it ‘Spice of Life’. It was very satisfying to capture the essence of Indian food. This will be one of my favourites for quite some time.

A sweet tooth to relish

When you reverse the word ‘stressed’, what do you get? Oh yes, that’s my refuge for all the difficult times in life. No wonder, cheesecakes ended up on my top 5 list this year.
The best part about this photograph is not just the geometric shape or the angle, but also the fact that they leave us craving for some more. Don’t you agree?

The Cupcake Story

Although this sweet dish was once a traditional dessert at children’s parties, it has evolved into a pop culture trend in the culinary world. When I was asked to shoot this little cup of happiness, I was more than delighted.

The play of colour and the inherent appeal that is associated with this cute little preparation is something that is adored by all and I am no exception. Cupcakes are the recipe to happiness. Period.


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