‘Fashion Throwback’- My Top 5 Images From 2016

   March15, 2017

If you ask me about the year 2016, ‘Hallelujah’ is what comes to my mind! It was a year of excitement, fun, happiness and lots of work for me. When I decided to write this blog, zeroing on the top 5 clicks was difficult. Here is my lowdown

Free as Confetti

Being free is being you without anyone’s permission. When I scroll through my clicks, this one reminds me of freedom. The freedom of being yourself, the freedom to choose what I want to be and the freedom of being a Woman!


Isn’t this the story with most of us? Dr. Jekyll by day and ‘Miss’ Hyde by night! Most of us remain tangled in our corporate responsibilities and the night calls for some fun and party. However, in my case, my work is as fun as partying. We are the privileged class, you know!

Never Lose Touch To The Classical Era

I have always had this love for the classical era, be it the art, the timelessness or the style. When I had the opportunity to recreate and shoot a glimpse of the ageless era for ‘Swati and Sunaina’, I jumped at the chance with enthusiasm.

Beauty is Truth

This picture reminds me of the immortal lines by John Keats, thus it will remain as one of my favorite shots. The surreal aura, the beautiful face of Juhi Ghosh and the expression resonates the magical lines

‘Beauty is truth,truth beauty,That is all you know on earth And all you need to know’

Every Leaf Speaks Bliss To Me!

Taking this shot was an impulsive decision, because catching a glimpse of Astha amidst the lush greenery reminded me solely of how Nature adds peace and serenity to our mundane lives. It is always so satisfying when you get to shoot something that keeps you calm and tranquil from within.


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